Ballet Dommage

For Ballet Dommage, the theatre company of Katrien Valckenaers and Maxim Storms, the audience is always as much a part of the performance as they are themselves.Their work is absurd, alienating and adventurous.

They create performances both outside and inside the theatre hall and for all age groups. The experience, based on the romantic image of how theatre used to be shown on the streets, remains the core of their location projects: Ballet Dommage brings theatre to the people instead of the other way around.

Experiment and accessibility alternate constantly. A physical, linguistically-absurd and visual theatre language is a constant underlying factor. For Ballet Dommage, the beauty of the imperfect is the base of everything. They are inspired by the challenge of a diverse society and the privilege of seeking for the corresponding differences.

By realising the futility and insignificance of the human being, Ballet Dommage hopes to change the world. Adventurous choices and a great love for the beauty of everything perishable remains central.

Their (inter)nationally acclaimed Klutserkrakkekilililokatastrof, created together with fABULEUS and selected for Het TheaterFestival in 2017, is a clear example of an ageless performance. Their recent piece Tribunal (a co-production with BRONKS) was also selected for Het TheaterFestival and overloaded with superlatives (‘intelligent, crystal clear and layered’ - De Morgen).

Ballet Dommage reprises MELVIUS in 2022-2023.
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