Fleur Khani

Fleur Khani is a Belgian-Persian singer, musician and theatre maker. She studied Literature Science and diction and perfected her artistic language during the postgraduate a.pass (Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies) in Brussels. In 2013, she received the danceWEB Scholarship (Vienna) for her performative work shown during previous years in Vienna, Berlin, London and Brussels.

Fleur has realised various performative, theatrical and filmic projects in the past. She often focuses on the singing voice as a central performative instrument.

In 2019, she conducted research into the money and spirituality of the cultural and private sector, for which she spent a year talking to people about the value of art. This resulted in the creation of the Khani Foundation, an organisation that carries out the mission of economic emancipation for artists.

Fleur Khani creates Halleluja (working title) in 2022-2023.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you want more information about this production.