Wannes Deneer

Together with choreographer Karolien Verlinden and theatre maker Jef Van gestel, Wannes Deneer formed theatre collective Tuning People, which has ended in December 2022 after 17 years.

From now on, Wannes focuses on individual projects as sound artists. He is fascinated by the value of (registered) sound as a building block for a new sound design. He combines his experience as product designer and scenographer to construct raw, poetic and no-nonsense (sound) performances.
Recycling is a key word and the motivation to look differently at our material surroundings. As a human and artist Wannes seeks not to cause too much junk. Sometimes he starts from the sound evoked by combining (trivial) objects: mugs, bowls, hammers, knitting needles, a ventilator or a car. In this search lies for Wannes an astonishing beauty. Sound becomes music. Sound and music become movement. This essence Wannes centralises in his visual and auditory universe.
He likes to surround himself with artists from other disciplines such as Yinka Kuitenbrouwer. (theatre) and Ugo Dehaes (dance).

During 2023-2024 he reprises the performance BALK and the exposition Speaking Characters.
On 24th September 2023 Rrrrrr  (working title) premieres (Concertgebouw-Brugge)

More information about these productions can be found here.

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