Geert Belpaeme

Geert Belpaeme is a theatre maker, performer and teacher/researcher at KASK (School of Arts) Ghent. He creates productions on the verge of theatre, circus, performance, dance and philosophical experiment.

Playfulness and abstraction out of untamed imagination are the dominating characteristics within all his projects. His artistic language is sometimes reminiscent of a minimalistic form of clowning and plays with the gaze and expectation of the audience.

In addition to l’hommmm, his collective with Mats Van Herreweghe, Geert also founded theatre company De Polen in 2016, together with Bosse Provoost, Kobe Chielens and Lieselotte De Keyzer. In the same year Geert also received the Roel Verniers Prize for his solo performance First.

In 2022-2023, Geert Belpaeme reprises De Dieren and creates the piece Please (don’t) let me be misunderstood (premiering at STUK, Leuven).
More information about these productions can be found here.

calendar de dieren

11/06/21 - 20:00u De dieren // Geert Belpaeme KIEM - Oostende
12/06/21 - 16:00u De dieren // Geert Belpaeme BUDA - Kortrijk
01/10/21 - 20:30u De dieren // Geert Belpaeme CC Gildhof - Tielt
02/10/21 - 20:30u De dieren // Geert Belpaeme kc nOna - Mechelen

calendar please (don't) let me be (mis)understood

11/01/23 - 00:00u please (don't) let me be (mis)understood // Geert Belpaeme STUK - Leuven