Maxim Storms

Working either solo or as a duo with Lobke Leirens, Maxim Storms creates theatre that is at once dark, uncomfortable and comedic, with tragedy and humour reinforcing one other. The way he uses language is more important than the literal meaning it holds. For Maxim, language is music and rhythm. Sounds have a visual effect in his performances. In this way, a show becomes more of an experience. He captures the essence of things through the intuitiveness of his work, which also serves to bring out a unique openness in the audience.

Maxim’s work takes on meaning through the montage process. That’s where the real kneading and shaping begins and where things really start to get interesting. In all his shows, he is interested in beings – human or otherwise – who either have a goal or who don’t know what to do and are thus inclined to take spontaneous action. The status of his characters is conveyed by means of form or performance style. He will never choose a straight-forward, clear-cut character. Everything is fluid and deviates from the norm.

In the creation of his theatre work for adults, he is able to draw on his experience as a musician-performer with Brik Tu-Tok and as a performer-maker with Ballet Dommage. The common thread throughout his work: moustachioed pokerface, flawless timing and comedic collages. In recent years, Maxim (together with co-creators including Katrien Valckenaers and Lobke Leirens) has earned no fewer than five selections for Het TheaterFestival and Circuit X. Last September (2023), De Acteursgilde awarded him the prize for Best Acting Performance in the under-35s category.

In the 2023–2024 and 2024–2025 seasons he will reprise his solo piece NUGGETS.

All info on this production can be found here.